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New Episode of UFC's "Dana White: Looking For A Fight" Out

July 2023 - Ok y'all, one of my favorite shows to be a part of, "Dana White: Looking for a Fight" has just released the latest episode. You need to stop what your doing and go to Youtube and check it out!

Wait, you don't know what DW's: Looking for a Fight is!? Well let me tell you its part travelogue, buddy film, comedy, food and MMA show and its whole lot of fun. It features UFC President, Dana White, UFC Hall of Famer, Matt Serra and former UFC fighter, UFC Coach and Commentator, Din Thomas.

I have been a cinematographer on this show since its 2nd episode and been editing on it since the 8th or 9th episode. The show is produced by award winning director, Rory Karpf and his First Row Films production company.

The latest installment of LFAF has trio visiting Dana's hometown of Boston, MA and it was the first show that I took on the role of DP and Lead Editor.

This show combines all the things I love about non-scripted productions...lots of run n gun, great locations, no 2nd takes, tons of laughs, fantastic cast and crew and of course, the mma!

This episode was the first time we switched from Sony packages to Arri Amiras. In the past, we rocked the Sony FS7 and Sony F5 as our main cameras. However, since fellow cinematographer, Al Francesco and I both owned Amiras, we made the switch using the Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 and 20-120 as our primary lenses. We also packed a Sony FX6 and Blackmagic _____as secondary cameras. The end result is, in my opinion, a little more cinematic and richer image.

We had shitty weather to deal with and several activities fall through, but ultimately the content that we were able to get was enough to put together one of the better shows in the series.

For me the most difficult part was to edit it down in a way that kept all the funny lines, crazy moments, best action and since there was a lot of all that, it was hard to whittle it down into a cohesive and entertaining show for both mma and non-mma fans.

But don't take my word for it, go check it out now on the UFC's Youtube page and let us know how we did!!

Dean Camara

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