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Comedy Special, "Mike Rita: Immigrant Son" Set for Release

July 1, 2020 - This pandemic, which has revealed a lot of negative things about the world around us, has produced some positives as well. One positive of this pandemic was that it allowed us the time we need to finish post-production on our latest project, a stand up comedy special featuring comedian, Mike Rita.

Flash back to late 2018, when the Cineasta team traveled to Toronto, Ontario Canada to shoot a live comedy show featuring the Portuguese Kids and Mike Rita. It was an ambitious project with us capturing BTS of the PK's as the last couple of shows from their most recent tour, all culminating to the performance that was filmed at the world famous Second City comedy club in Toronto. Once principal production was wrapped, the project was shelved for sometime for various reasons.

Then freaking COVID hits and everything goes sideways and all of a sudden we are home bound for a really, really long time. Low and behold time to begin editing! In the time that had past since the production, the Portuguese Kids found themselves in a transitional period and we all had to make the decision to continue to leave their performance on the shelf. That allowed us to dig right in and begin the post work for what is now known as "Mike Rita: Immigrant Son" the very first comedy special for funnyman, Mike Rita.

Mike has performed with the PK's and on his own for well over a decade now, making his audiences laugh from Montreal, to California, to Bermuda and throughout the East Coast. He brings an insightful perspective on stoner comedy, yet has a family friendly look at growing up in an immigrant family.

"Being able to produces Mikes first comedy special was a cool experience," says Cineasta's Dean Camara. "I have spent time on the road with Mike, the Kids and my camera, Mike has an infectious personality, you can't help but to laugh along with him!"

"Mike Rita: Immigrant Son" will be available July 10, 2020, exclusively on Vimeo.

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