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Living a bit of the Shaq Life

04/10/20 - This month on TNT Network, "Shaq Life" starring NBA legend & entrepreneur, Shaquille O'Neil will premiere. Produced by Los Angeles-based, The Content Group, and producer, Rory Karpf, Cineasta's Dean Camara was brought on to contribute to some of the cinematography of the show.

This series takes an intimate look at the larger than life icon, with his family, his many enterprises. It's a non-stop fun and action packed look of his post-NBA life. A big part of the series is Shaq's new found stardom as an international EDM DJ. Dean spent a lot of time on the storyline associated with his DJ'ing, which included traveling throughout Europe in the summer of 2019.

"Want to talk about a surreal, opportunity of a life-time", says Camara. "If I recall, it was like 4 or 5 different countries, these mind blowing crowds, there was never a shortage of things to shoot."

Despite the high profile star and the major network debut, the production was very much a run & gun style, with minimal set ups and mostly hand held camera action. For this production Dean utilized his Sony FS7 camera, a Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 as well as several Canon EF lenses.

In addition to the time in Europe, Shaq performed all over the US, with his tour culminating at last years Lalapalooza festival in Chicago.

Check out the series on TNT Network now!

Shaq Life: Official Trailer | TNT

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